Wait, what's wrong with Ass Whoopin? What am I missing? — ibarelyknow


My personal opinion goes like this:

  1. Perpetuates violence as the only form of discipline within Black families.
  2. Perpetuates the idea of violence being the only way to show loving discipline to children.
  3. Like in the Vine video, it immediately shuts off the creativity of children for them to be proper.
  4. Which, y’know, only comes from the fact that Black parents have to police their Black children’s behavior so strongly at home because Black parents know what happens when their children turn into Black adults: their society will actively kill them for stepping out of line in the slightest of ways.
  5. I don’t think you have to beat a child senseless for them to learn right or wrong, which is what ass whoopin’ implies.

There are more arguments I’m sure, but this is the basic gist of mine. Keep in mind, I don’t have kids, (which you know, but other people don’t,) and my opinion is just from being a survivor of child abuse and trying to undo abuse narratives in my own life. 


i was supposed to work out today but i binged and my stomach hurts soooo bad i don’t think i can do it. i feel really sick and sad and i think it’ll be better to just go to bed and save it for tomorrow. but i feel so bad because i never skip workout days and i plan them so it’s easy for me to complete them and not be lazy and skip. but tonight i really want to but i don’t because i feel bad. idk.

I've had this question w nowhere to direct it, so here goes. I've been w this guy for 3+ months, we've known each other for 2-3 years. He's treats me well but I'm teetering on leaving him. He keeps falling short when it comes to big things like grades, work etc. It's frustrating because I'm very ambitious and I want a partner to match me. Plus we're not very alike in interests so most convos are dry. It's hard for me since I care so much & he hasn't done anything "wrong" against me. Advice? — Anonymous

i think you kind of already know what you want to do. he doesn’t necessarily have to do anything ‘wrong’ to be wrong for you, babe. you seem to have a clear idea of your standards or at least the needs that must be met in order for you to overlook other things, but if he’s not pulling his weight in that regard then why are you holding on? nothing want to hurt someone’s feelings isn’t a good enough reason to stay with them and it’s lowkey insulting to him to do it. either lay your cards out on the table and let him know that you don’t feel like you guys are on an even playing field and give him the time to correct it, or be out. but don’t do this stringing along thing. it’s not fair to him or you.


One of my all time favorite gifsets of one of my all time favorite activities. Every girl should have someone to kiss her awake.


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Impression : I don't get what kind of devil possesses niggas to think their relevant enough to bring their ignorant ass opinions into my life, like, who told u to exist? Sit. U just mad bc I can forever be feeling myself. *hair flip* — Anonymous


petition to make ‘look like the devil won this round’ a proper response to anything going wrong in your life.



this could be us but u playin


wuts yo $ — Anonymous

pisces!!! but i’m a leo moon and an aries rising which explains my insatiable ego and my temper.